Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cigar Review - Drew Estate Natural - English

Drew Estate's Natural Cigar  

A personal after-work cigar that I have enjoyed is the Drew Estate Natural - English style cigar. It's a smooth, mild to medium smoke that has a sweet and earthy finish. Jonathan Drew's creation is a start to finish treat. It's a slow burning smoke with a consistent flavor that keeps you puffing with continuous enjoyment. This is clearly a box worthy purchase. Come enjoy a Drew Estate Natural with me at the Ozark Cigar Company, the best kept secret in the Wiregrass.

Here is another review of the Drew Estate Natural along with some more about some other smokes that Jonathan Drew has created.

"Fresh in the memories of this generation of cigar aficionados is a vision of what a stereotypical cigar smoker might look like. The chances of an older business executive enjoying a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant entering into the description are very likely. However, with the introduction of the new Drew Estate Natural, Jonathan Drew has opened the door for a new breed of cigar smoker, who not only breaks the mold of smokers past, but also lays the groundwork for a younger, more trendy group of enthusiasts.

Jonathan Drew has created a whirlwind of excitement among traditionalists, as well as new age cigar smokers by mixing it up a bit and creating unique tobacco blends, as well as introducing infusions. Thus, the way in which he creatively manufactures his cigars has made him a household name among enthusiasts. He is by far one of the most influential cigar experimenters today.

The Drew Estate Natural line defies all the laws of the Drew handbook, however, it is comprised of only natural blends, absent of any flavoring agents as typically used in his popular ACID cigars. Instead, the Drew Estate Natural cigar is exactly what its name suggests. These cigars use South American-grown tobaccos that are naturally blended with exotic tobaccos from Turkey, Italy, Spain, Louisiana, and many other areas around the globe. In addition, he uses an elaborate mix of fillers and wrappers from a dozen countries, ranging from Haiti to Africa.

Contrary to what a typical first thought might be in regards to a natural cigar, Drew Estate Natural cigars are not ordinary in any way. In fact, Jonathan Drew chooses from a colorful selection of triple fermented filler tobaccos in order to produce flavors that have such unique character and aroma. It is almost hard to pinpoint the best part of this cigar. However, the signature Drew genius is easily recognizable once the fire has been lit and the smoker begins to puff his way to total gratification of the palate.

From the gentle resistance of a pre light draw, to the first hint of caramel sweetness that carries throughout the smoke, these cigars will provide an enjoyable smoke for anyone that lays hands on them, whether novice or schooled. The smoker will enjoy trying to sort through the collaboration of flavors starting with notes of leather, creamy coffee and chocolate. All the while being teased with a pinch of pepper. Although the smoke is short overall, the complexity of flavors make up for its lack of endurance in the grand scheme of things. All in all, for those looking for a great smoke in a hurry, or for those just wanting to experiment with a complex, medium bodied cigar, the Drew Estate Natural line of cigars is worth trying. Although these cigars are not the typical ACID trademark cigars usually offered by Drew, the flavors are not compromised in any way by the use of a natural process. After all, with Jonathan Drew’s talent behind the construction, it would be hard to go wrong." (Source - seriouscigars.com) 

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Friday, September 6, 2013


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